Pearl Paint Protection UK - Pearl Oyster Fabric Protector

Pearl Oyster Fabric Protector

Pearl Oyster Fabric Protector provides a first class invisible barrier against everyday spills, stains and soiling on automotive fabrics and carpets i.e. Beverages, food, greases, shoe polishes and waxes etc. Suitable for All Fabric Trims Pearl Oyster Fabric Protector provides a unique protective coating to each individual fabric fibre, sealing the fibres of seats and carpets forming a virtually impregnable invisible protective film. 

Ideal For Heavy Use Areas: Pearl Oyster Fabric & Upholstery Protector is ideal for protecting driver seats, carpets, upholstery boot compartments. Not only will it protect from spills and stains, but allows for easy aftercare, maintains showroom appearance and extends fabric lifetime. Non-Hazardous Ready to Use Formula: Pearl Oyster Fabric Protector water based non- aerosol technologically advanced formulation makes application and handling both easier and safer.

Directions: Ensure fabric surface is clean and dry before application. To check colour fastness, try on an inconspicuous area first. Apply using a low pressure sprayer only and ensure device is spraying product evenly before application (not too thick or thin and spray pressure should not exceed 4 bar). Spray two light applications on to target surface in a crosswise manner, first horizontally and the vertically to ensure even coverage. Do not saturate fabric. For maximum protection ensure Oyster protection is completely dry and allow to fully cure for 4 hours. Introduction of warm air or when applied in hot climates will significantly accelerate the drying process and shorten curing time.

Application advice: When spraying in a confined area such as a vehicle interior ensure all doors and windows are fully open to enable free air flow ventilation. If excessive airborne spray is likely to occur a standard particulate face mask should be worn.